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SAMTRONICS DATA PRODUCTS Ltd established in the year 1992, with special focus on Training to make computer awareness more among business community in the state of Kerala, has subsequently evolved itself into a one of the most preferred software solution provider for the retail trade in Kerala. It has got a team of people with vast experience in Manufacturing, Supply chain Management, Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare-to name a few.

Over the years, SAMTRONICS has helped a number of small and medium trading organizations by providing them with consultancy and helping them to evolve a proper working system and also become compliant with all the statutory rules and regulations of the local government. We have also made such organisations aware of the importance of proper working systems and has given the necessary training for making the operation smooth and efficient. During the process we have developed Softwares for various retail trade, which incorporates the systems designed for each such environment.

Current Openings
Marketing Executives
Clent Support Executives